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Xavier Foley

The Solo Book

The Solo Book

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  • All Solos included.
  • This book is updated every time Xavier Foley releases a new solo, you will be sent an email of the updated PDF booklet immediately
  • Digital download - download link sent to your email. 
  • File in PDF form
  • See below for list of works included (if there is not a solo listed, it is most likely in the book. Please email if something you want is not listed)

  • Etude No. 1 Little Foot
  • Etude No. 2 Celtic
  • Etude No. 3 Lament
  • Etude No. 4 The Hunt
  • Etude No. 5 The Mystery
  • Etude No. 6 The Symphony
  • Etude No. 7 Waves
  • Etude No. 8 Heaven
  • Etude No. 9 Col Legno Master
  • Etude No. 10 The Dance 
  • Etude No. 11 The Singer
  • Etude No. 12 Reconstruction
  • Sketch No. 1 Sunrise
  • Sketch No. 2 The Sacrifice
  • Sketch No. 3 Kingdom Heights
  • Sketch No. 4 Stillness
  • A letter to Beethoven
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Farewell 
  • Irish Fantasy
  • Letting Go
  • The Falling Seagull
  • Tuesday
  • Upright Metal
  • The Angry Taco
  • Tasnsif Khooshe Chin
  • Jingle Bells
  • Silent Night
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Greensleeves
  • Deck the Halls
  • Snowflake
  • Lost Child
  • Freedom
  • Changes
  • Lullaby 
  • Latin Study No. 1 "Confessions"
  • Latin Study No. 2 "Wealth" 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Grant Brown
Just a few notes

I feel like I get to talk with a young Bottesini, and my ideas are just logistical.
1. There is a typo in the Irish Fantasy intro, last sentence before Genesis section, peace instead of piece.
2. When an update is available, let us know what is different/updated.
3. If possible make the table of content titles links to the pages of that piece. Akin to the DoubleBassExcerpts download.
Again I have nothing but respect for your skill and composing.
Grant Brown

Braun Khan
The Solo Book

Amazing compositions! Xavier is a truly unique and exceptional compositional voice on the bass and these are wonderful additions to the solo bass repertoire!