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Xavier Foley

Irische Fantasie für Violine und Bass

Irische Fantasie für Violine und Bass

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  • Solo-Stimmung
  • Von Xavier Foley
  • Für Violine und Kontrabass
  • Datei im PDF-Format.
  • Enthält Partitur und Stimmen
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Dave VIckers

    Hello Xavier I have read thru the piece a few times while listening to your solo performance as I'm listening and haven't gotten very far in actual performance of the piece as my treble clef reading needs a lot of work. Thank you for transcribing your performance. this will take some time for me to get it down

    Great music!

    I love the piece and I’m excited to get the whole things down. However the piece could really use some editing. I see no reason for any double sharps (there are like 20 on the first page alone). And the clefs could be organized is a much clearer way too. These two issues make reading the piece pretty slow and tedious. Still great music though!

    Ana Darty
    Exhale Exquisite!

    I was over taken by the energy and excitement of these wonderful sounds coming from the beautiful BIG Double Bass & SMALL yet powerful Violin. Both musicians played this piece and created a New Refreshing musical rendition of a familiar piece. The music played by this never beforehea literally excitied my inner man as I listen with my eyes wide shut. Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore!

    Arthur F Foley
    Irish Fantasy for Violin and Bass

    Very lovely work! Thank you for letting this be available.