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Xavier Foley

O livro solo

O livro solo

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  • Todos os Solos incluídos.
  • Este livro é atualizado toda vez que Xavier Foley lança um novo solo, você receberá um e-mail com o livreto em PDF atualizado imediatamente
  • download digital - link para download enviado para seu e-mail. 
  • Arquivo em formato PDF
  • Veja abaixo a lista de obras incluídas (se não houver um solo listado, provavelmente está no livro. Envie um e-mail para info@xavierfoley.com se algo que você deseja não estiver listado)

  • Etude No. 1 Little Foot
  • Etude No. 2 Celta
  • Etude No. 3 Lamento
  • Estudo No. 4 A Caçada
  • Estudo No. 5 O Mistério
  • Estudo No. 6 A Sinfonia
  • Etude No. 7 Ondas
  • Estudo No. 8 Céu
  • Etude No. 9 Col Legno Master
  • Estudo No. 10 A Dança 
  • Estudo No. 11 O Cantor
  • Etude No. 12 Reconstrução
  • Esboço nº 1 Nascer do sol
  • Esboço nº 2 O Sacrifício
  • Esboço nº 3 Kingdom Heights
  • Esboço nº 4 Quietude
  • Uma carta para Beethoven
  • Suco de oxicoco
  • Até a próxima 
  • Fantasia Irlandesa
  • Deixando ir
  • A Gaivota Que Cai
  • Terça-feira
  • Metal vertical
  • O Taco Irritado
  • Tasnsif Khooshe Chin
  • os sinos de tinir
  • Noite silenciosa
  • Desejamos-lhe um feliz natal
  • Greensleeves
  • Enfeitar os Salões
  • Floco de neve
  • Criança perdida
  • Liberdade
  • Mudanças
  • Canção de ninar 
  • Estudo de latim nº 1 "Confissões"
  • Estudo de latim nº 2 "Riqueza" 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dar Wis
Finaly something fresh !

A lot of great stuff, really like it. After some time it sounds a bit similar, but it is all worth playing. Some pieces are amazing !
Negative - the download codes should be available with purchase of the bow. Never got it, sent 3 emails, a month later, no answer. The deal - buy a bow, get the music for free is non-existent.

Hello! I sent a follow up email with a screenshot of the email containing the discount code which was sent on November 10th at 10:38pm CST (not 4:26pm as stated in the email, my eyes deceive me sometimes). As stated in the follow up email, sometimes emails do not go through , and this appears to be the case even tho there is proof on my end it was sent. If there is anything else I can do to make sure you have everything you need, please feel free to reach out again. Facebook messenger via my artist page is another way to contact me should such problems arise again with email.

Thank you,


Alejandra Rony

I am still discovering it and reading throughout the pieces! I am enjoying the experience! Thanks for your amazing work!

Eric Liu
Amazing compositions

I love all the interesting and variety of pieces. The challenging but rewarding techniques are incredibly fun to read and play. Recordings are also very easily accessible on youtube.

Grant Brown
Just a few notes

I feel like I get to talk with a young Bottesini, and my ideas are just logistical.
1. There is a typo in the Irish Fantasy intro, last sentence before Genesis section, peace instead of piece.
2. When an update is available, let us know what is different/updated.
3. If possible make the table of content titles links to the pages of that piece. Akin to the DoubleBassExcerpts download.
Again I have nothing but respect for your skill and composing.
Grant Brown

Braun Khan
The Solo Book

Amazing compositions! Xavier is a truly unique and exceptional compositional voice on the bass and these are wonderful additions to the solo bass repertoire!