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Airline Musical Instrument Policy App "MusicAir"

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What does the app do? 

MusicAir is an app that has a list of over 90+ airline musical instrument policies.

When choosing the airline you are flying from the list, you will be taken straight to the airlines musical instrument policy web-page.

Why do I need this app?

This app is essential for traveling with your instrument, because often times airline employees do not know their own musical instrument policies, so the best way to inform them of their policies is by using this app to access airline musical instrument policies in a matter of seconds. Without demonstrating the proper musical instrument policy, the airline gate check-in employees may deny you of your right to travel, simply because they are not aware that musical instrument policies even exist! 

Any additional features? 

This app allows you to leave comments on certain airlines, allowing your musician friends to see how your experience was with a specific airline. You will also be able to rate the airline from 1-5 stars.

Is this app free?

Yes, this app is 100% free, and there are no advertisements within the ad. 

Why did you invest so much time and money on this app?

Because like you, I am sick and tired of educating airline employees on their own musical instrument policies that they fail to recognize 70% of the time. I don't want anybody else to go through the same horrifying experiences that I have gone through with certain airlines. In times of stress, it can be hard to scramble to find the correct airline musical instrument policy, so I decided that it's time to create an app that makes it extremely easy to locate the correct musical instrument policy during highly stressful situations where the airline employees are insisting that your instrument cannot be taken on the plane. 


If you find this app useful, make sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram @xavierfoleybass - Thanks!

-Xavier Foley 

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