The Artist and the Blacksmith

The Artist and the Blacksmith

By Xavier Foley

Once upon a time,
in the kingdom of Haywich,
there was an artist and a blacksmith,
that went their own way.

                               The blacksmith was known to build things...
                                                                              repair things...
                                                                       and shape things...

The artist was known to sing things...
                                       play things...
                              and paint things...

One day,
while the artist was plucking a tune,
the blacksmith became curious,
to see what sounded very rude.

"excuse me artist! 
Why make such commotion?
Can't you do something,
with greater up most importance?"
said the blacksmith.

"Oh blacksmith you must listen,
with up most poise,
for if you do not,
then I can't bring you joy."
said the artist

The blacksmith looked very doubtful,
but thought for a second...
"how could this noise,
fill my heart,
with joy?"

As the clouds rolled in,
sending drops from above, 
the artist and the blacksmith,
went their own way
yet again...


The next day came,
morning church bells ring...
the artist and the Blacksmith,
see another day of spring.

The artist decided,
to take a walk,
out the door yee went!
with the luty lute lute.

The blacksmith decided,
to stay home and weep.
Oh no!
poor blacksmith,
What could have possibly gone wrong? 


As the people of Haywich
gather round and round,
the house of the blacksmith
that abandoned his town.
they demanded the labor
to be delivered in their favor,
for the blacksmith promised 
to help thy neighbor.

As the artist caught wind
of this sadly
                     sadly news,
it was time the blacksmith listen
to this happy
                   happy tune.

"Good evening blacksmith,
I hear from the nether,
that your day so far,
could be a little much better."
said the artist.

"Oh for heavens sake!
my evening is not good,
for I wish this sadness
would leave as it should!
    Now I can't build things...
                     repair things...
              and shape things...
so today is the day,
I am a blacksmith no more..."
replied the blacksmith

"No worries no worries,
there was once upon a time,
I played a short song
for o' captains bad day,
perhaps if I played
that same song for you,
then your day shall be better
with my luty lute lute."

As the artist began playing
a short song on the lute,
which caused the city of Haywich
to cease stomping their boots, 
the blacksmith who once heard
what sounded like noise,
was now listening closely
with up most poise.  

The blacksmith cried
"Oh yes, oh yes!
Please do not stop,
these sounds I am hearing,
I like them a lot.
During times like these,
I can finally see,
the power of the artist
and the luty lute lute."

The blacksmith of Haywich,
last seen in despair,
now appeared from the house,
as happy as a Belgian Hare. 

"People of Haywich,
gathered round an round,
I apologize for my absence,
a result of my sadness...
Today my goldfish turned upside down, 
which is why I the blacksmith,
was no longer around."

- The Blacksmith continues -

Although I once said,
the lute sound was not right,
which later filled my heart,
with much more delight.
I can now deliver labor,
to the people of Haywich,
for it was I who had promised,
to help thy neighbor."

The people of Haywich
roar and cheer,
at the sign that the blacksmiths
return was near.

"Oh how grateful it is
for me to know,
that the sound of my lute 
'twas not noise but joy.
And because our fine blacksmith
has returned to serve Haywich,
I am now ready to say,
bye bye Blacksmith." 
said the artist.

"bye bye Artist."
replied the blacksmith.


As the sun fell down,
 dark sky now moon lit... 
It was time to say goodnight,
to the Artist and the Blacksmith...