Musical Instrument Policy app release (android) & behind the scenes.

Musical Instrument Policy app release (android) & behind the scenes.

I am aware that there are a good number of iPhone users who want to get their hands on this app. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the iPhone version is not complete yet, but the good news is that the iPhone version will be out some time next week.   

How do I get the download link for my Android phone?

You can download the app from the google play store by clicking the link here.

Apple users: stay tuned for the apple store release which will be out soon. 

What does this app do again?

For those of you who missed my previous blog post where I explain everything about this project. The function of the musical instrument policy app (now known as "Policy Finder"), is to help instrumentalists access airline musical instrument policies on demand. This is needed to help educate the airline employees on their own musical instrument policies because most of them are unaware of of them in the first place. This mitigates the risk of not being able to travel by air because an airline employee 'thinks' your instrument can't be flown on the airplane, when their own airline policy says that it actually can be flown with the respective airline. 

Behind the scenes:

Who was the developer that helped you carry out this app idea? 

I would like to thank my business partner Meishan Jin for taking over the development process and turning this idea into a reality. He is a full-stack proxy developer from mainland Yanji, China. If you are interested in learning more about our business partnership, Drenalin Software (Also Drenalin Games LLC), click the link here for the company website. 

What is it like working with a developer from mainland China?

Meishan from Yanji Yanbian China

We first met last year when I knew absolutely nothing about development while chatting about ideas over Freelancer (a services that connects proxy based tech freelancers with employers). The first app we collaborated on was a complete disaster! I also lost a good amount of capital in the process. The failure was mainly due to the language and culture barriers between me and Meishan. We both acknowledged our weakness in like minded communication and agreed to always seek first to understand, then to be understood; this is an idea I learned from a book called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". 

Is it true when they say it's more difficult maintain an international business partnership? 

They say ('they' being US based news outlets) that it can be difficult to maintain a USA-China business partnership. My response to this socially constructed axiom is that "it depends". Also, you must keep in mind that Meishan has never left his country, and I myself have never been to China, so we are rooted in two different cultural backgrounds. 

The language and cultural barrier...

It's one thing to learn a language; Meishan could use some work with his English, and I myself could use all the help I can get with Mandarin, but the language itself was not the main issue. The main issue is the ability to learn and adapt to someone else culture, especially if your intent is to establish a long term business relationship (in my case). I can't tell you the amount of 'typing' altercations that occurred between me and Meishan. This was due to the fact that we kept getting offended by each others behavior. As you know, in some cultures, doing "X" is acceptable, however, in some cultures, doing that same "X" could put you in jail! If I was in China saying the things I was saying (which would have been completely acceptable in the United States), I would have been put in jail over a thousand times, and vice versa for Meishan, who has said some stuff to me that would incriminate him in the US justice system.   

What did you learn from this partnership so far?

I learned that although we have radical differences in culture, it's still very possible to learn diplomatic skills that help bridge the culture gap. Diplomacy is now beginning to become such a big factor in this partnership, that I have begun thinking about getting this scholarly text book called "Public Diplomacy" to help me understand more about the art of global relations. I would highly recommend this book if you currently work with, or see your self working with international partners in the future. 

What can YOU learn from this?

There is currently a lot of conflict going on between countries right now (Iran/USA - India/Pakistan - China/Taiwan - ect...). After hearing about how Meishan and I have agreed that it is important to make the effort to understand one another and our cultural differences, it is safe to say that the best way to avoid conflict is to truly understand the person you are communicating with, before jumping to conclusions and labeling the person in question as a 'lunatic'. Whenever Meishan and I were in conflict with one another, we both strongly felt that we were in the 'right'. There was one point where I had to explain the foundations of the United States Constitution, and he himself had to explain to me the political structure of China to finally understand why we were sometimes behaving the way we were. So before you label someone as a 'crazy' person, try to understand why the person in question is behaving the way they are; chances are, they think you are 'crazy' as well. 

Who helped manage the graphical assets (logo, icon art, splash page) for the app?


Kevin Antonio; based in Mazatlan, Mexico; has done many video and photo editing projects for me. I have always been 100% satisfied with his work. If you need to get any graphical assets, logos, photo shop work, or marketing material done by a professional, I would recommend using Kevin. You can get his information by sending me a message on Facebook, or contacting me through this websites contact page.  


Thanks for following this project.

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