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One of the challenges that concert presenters face is making sure that all concerts are sold out. 

Being a presenter (or promoter), there may have been cases where only about 10 people have shown up to your venue that seats maybe around 300 people. 

Perhaps you used some of your marketing budget to purchase radio ads, or a spot on the billboard, only to find that your marketing efforts never really payed off.

Maybe you posted a Facebook or Instragram post about your concert, and perhaps you were successful in bringing in 10 your friends to see your concert, but not so successful with the other 290 audience members that you expected to attend with those social media posts. 

I understand your pains and frustrations, which is why I decided to start the process of creating an E-book with social marketing genius Andrea Vallejos-Urbina. 

Andrea has successfully managed social media accounts for a variety of businesses. I have personally seen her work managing social media accounts for a fine dining restaurant called The Old Bank Steak and Ribs, and watched her bring in customers with her alluring social media advertisements. If she can single-handedly bring in customers to a fine dining restaurant, then I am pretty sure she can bring in new audience members to your concert with ease. 

So now that we have an expert here that can help presenters like you sell out concerts, without further ado, I present to you:

How to raise ticket sales, featuring Andrea Villejos-Urbina.

The following content that you about to read is a transcript of a conversation between Xavier Foley and Andrea Villejo-Urbina on audience building, Snapchat advertising, and Pinterest advertising. 

Xavier: I'm curious to see how presenters can use social media to grow ticket sales

Andrea: Sure

Xavier: So I know that Facebook and Instagram are used to promote concerts, but what about Snapchat? and are there any other social media platforms I'm missing?

Andrea: Snapchat is also a good platform to promote, it's really new. The only issue is the ephemeral of the duration of the post

Xavier: Ah 

Andrea: So if you want to promote something, the better way is first create a great audience. If not, then your message is going to mean nothing to nobody.

Andrea: Also, a good way to gain followers and spread the message is to contact influencers.

Xavier: You know, I tried working with an influencer to promote a project of mine once; I was not satisfied with the results, and I think it was because the influencer's audience was not the right fit for my project. Maybe you can talk about audience fit in the book as well; examples of good audiences and bad audiences for the given situation

Andrea: Yes, that is a good idea. And yes, not all the influencers are a good fit for specific markets and audiences. 


Xavier: Do you have any experience with Pinterest? I could never understand the point of that social media platform, but maybe there is some untapped potential in Pinterest. 

Andrea: Yes, but it depends. The audience for Pinterest is very specific.

Andrea: Statistically speaking 70% of the users are women; mostly mothers. You can find a variety of posts. From recipes, natural solutions for health, exercises, etc etc. Those kinds of things that moms love. 

Xavier: I see. I think that is a good target audience for "kids concerts" actually, because it's mostly mothers, fathers, and children that attend kids concerts. 

Andrea: the good thing of Pinterest is that you save what you want, create a pinboard and check it once in a while.

Xavier: I see

Andrea: And yes, you can use it for kids concerts, conferences, yoga classes, just to throw out a few examples..

Xavier: what is the "social aspect", are there friends that check out your pinboard as well?

Andrea: Yes, you can have it private or public. Your friends and family can follow you and check your pinboards.

Xavier: Awesome!

Andrea: Sure no problem!


Xavier: Great, I just have one more question about Snapchat. What is the demographic for that audience? And does Snapchat offer an advertising platform for businesses to promote events?

Andrea: The demographic audience for Snapchat is very young, it is an estimate that goes from 15-25 years old. Mostly kids from high school and college.

Xavier: I see, and do you know if it's possible to advertise on Snapchat?

Andrea: Yes, there is a "Snapchat for business" that offers you the opportunity to advertise on the platform

Xavier: How does that work? For example, if I want to promote a chamber music concert in New York City, how would I got about promoting that on Snapchat?

Andrea: It's very similar to using Instagram for business. You have to create an account and that one should be verified. Once it's ready you can go to the website of Snapchat and buy an ad to promote your NYC concert. It can be a video or photo. Since it's a music concert it is better to do a short video.

Xavier: Perfect! I think this is would be a good way to promote a video game themed concert since the audience is usually a little younger, but I guess it really depends on what kind of game soundtracks you are performing. If you are playing the music to an older game like Tetris, then maybe it's better to target the older audience, which is mainly on Facebook, am I correct on that?

Andrea: Yes, that is correct

Xavier: Great! Thanks so much for answering my questions. There is so much to learn about increasing ticket sales using social media marketing.

Andrea: Sure no problem :)

 ---- End transcript ----

If you enjoyed this conversation between me and Andrea, and want to learn everything there is to know about using social media marketing to increase your ticket sales, you can pre-order our e-book here.

If you want to have Andrea manage all your social media accounts for you to get you more ticket sales so you can focus other tasks that matter more to you, then just fill out this form here.




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